Ref. Code  13-0079
Type  New maid
Nationality  Myanmar maid
Date of Birth  01-05-1987 (ages:26 years)
Place of Birth  MYANMAR
Height  145cm
Weight  40Kg
Religion  Budddhist
Marital Status  Single
Number of Children  0
Number Of Siblings  3 BRO (20,28,23)
Education  Secondary Level(7~9 yrs)
Language  English (Little)
   Mandarin/Chinese-Dialect (Poor)
   Bahasa Indonesia/Malaysia (Poor)
   Hindi (Poor)
   Tamil (Poor)
Number of Off-days  0 day(s) per month
Other Information  Able to handle pork?
   Able to eat pork?
   Able to care dog/cat?
   Able to do simple sewing?
   Able to do gardening work?
   Willing to wash car?
   Willing to work on off-days with  compensation?


I am San San. I took care of my niece when she is 2 to 3 years old. I adore children and love their innocence and playfulness.


For 2 years, I did household chores and cooking back at home. Although I do not eat beef due to religious reasons, I can still handle them. I would love to learn Singapore style of cooking.


Working as a seamstress in a garment factory for 5 years has increased my patience and cautiousness, I feel that now I am paying attention to details and good in sewing. I believe this will help me in taking care of elderly and disabled to take note of the little things in life.


As my father passed away and my mother is just a housewife, I feel the need to support them. Even though I have 3 brothers working in a car repair shop, I believe I need to contribute to my family and help support my 50 years old mother.

My language at this point is still at singular keywords. I told my agency my content and they kindly helped me to phrased it.


Thank you for viewing my profile.


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