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At Frondosa City Employment Agency FCMaid, we assure you that we only provide the best and the most reliable services possible. When going through the selection process, we do not look for domestic helpers that provide short term gratification, but rather those that can provide lasting satisfaction for both us and our clients.

We feel that going this extra mile can not only benefit us, but the clients as well. It will not only assist us in reaching our targeted vision of being one of the most recommended agencies in Singapore, but also allowing for our clients to build a strong and stable relationship between them and the domestic helper for years to come.


We have been nominated for over ten awards and have proudly snagged 6 awards. All these are due to the maid agency recommendation and review from our loyal clientele. Our customer base is ever growing stronger due to our sincere efforts in bridging true understanding between people and have a joint effort to make things work. I believe that I will be sitting in front of you one day years later with your wonderful review and your strong recommendation

Myanmar people are shy and docile by nature, they are rarely aggressive. Some take pride in themselves on certain areas more than others, thereby creating a strong sense of fulfillment in their work. They are calm, easy going and are easily adaptable to many of our habits, contentment to some is simply warm meals and enough rest.

Getting along with one another and forging a friendship with them will ultimately result in you gaining another family member, someone who will assist you in everything with your daily life. Then and only then will you be able to leave all your worries with your helper completely.


Rest assured that we have a stringent selection process based on their attitude and willingness towards doing the job, as a result of that we have a small database of the shortlisted and most suitable candidates for most jobs.

The arrival of the maid ranges between two weeks to two months, we give an average of four to six weeks for the maid to arrive and be handed to the employer.

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We at Frondosa City Employment/Maid Agency Singapore - FC Maid are dedicated to serving our clients through the understanding of each patrons’ needs. From there, we stringently select a domestic worker that it most suited towards the required tasks. Rest assured that each and every domestic helper at FC Maid is up to your standards. They are promptly screened upon their arrival for their strengths and weaknesses, with the focus of our efforts targeted on reinforcing the skills that they are lack of. We have customized training programmes suited to each household respectively. Leave it to us at FC Maid, your problems are ours too. We are here for you, do visit us for a consultation, we will be all ears.

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