*Currently, we specialise mainly in Myanmar FDW and will be starting Indonesian FDW soon.

As Myanmar FDW is new to english or chinese, it is advisable to give them time to adjust. Generally, the younger FDW are fast learners be it language or cooking. However, we recommend employer to leave their FDW for a period of time for them to accustomed to Singapore.

Purpose of engaging an agency is not only simply to do paperwork but for the keeping the FDW focus on their job. There are often times where we as agents see FDW stray from their original purpose either lonely or just out of fear. What we do here at FC maid agency is to keep in constant contact with our FDW placed to give them emotional and psychological support. Just imagine if your daughter is to go overseas all alone to make money, and they are all alone and it makes them easily impressionable by others. Thoughts might wander and sometimes outsiders might take advantage by negatively influencing FDWs. We understand and empathise their situation and able to give them positive advice. Yesterday is history and Tomorrow is a mystery. Treasure today for it is the present. Being overwhelm by the many possibilities of the future and lose their footing is what we often witness. We respect our maids as our clients as we would respect you, their employers, as our customers. Hence, after sales support for you is very essential in maintaining and building our reputation. Please when you engage an agency think if price or value is more important. Thank you!


For Agency Fee *Please email to

Below Admin Fee or Terms (Non-Negotiable):

Application Fee                                                                     

Medical Check-Up                                                                  

E-Issuance Fee                                                                     


Insurance with SBP                                                                

Food/lodging per day                                                                         
(Only first 5 days of FDW arrival to Singapore waived)

Upfront Loan for Myanmar FDW

Sponsor Fee (non-recoverable from FDW)                                 

Counselling at agency premises per hour if any                                      

*All agency, administrative or miscellaneous fees are non-refundable unless otherwise stated

Common Terms asked

NO Replacement

Minimum employment period 6 months

Approx Lead time: Myanmar FDW about 2 weeks to 1 month plus

New employers, who have not attended Employer's Orientation Programme, are advised to complete it at the below link.

h t t p : / / f d w . s p . e d u . s g

Normal Levy is $265 unless in general Singaporean employer's family members are below 12 or above 65 years old.

Levy is to be arranged via GIRO if not FDW's work permit could be revoked

For Singaporean employer's household monthly income is $2600 or less and have a family member with moderate disability residing at the same address, they can apply for the FDW grant of $120 by going to link below

h t t p : / / w w w . a i c . s g

Onus is on employer to mention if they are blacklisted by Ministry of Manpower

Why Choose FC Maid Agency Singapore?

We at Frondosa City Employment/Maid Agency Singapore - FC Maid are dedicated to serving our clients through the understanding of each patrons’ needs. From there, we stringently select a domestic worker that it most suited towards the required tasks. Rest assured that each and every domestic helper at FC Maid is up to your standards. They are promptly screened upon their arrival for their strengths and weaknesses, with the focus of our efforts targeted on reinforcing the skills that they are lack of. We have customized training programmes suited to each household respectively. Leave it to us at FC Maid, your problems are ours too. We are here for you, do visit us for a consultation, we will be all ears.

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