Why should I engage a maid agency ?

We, Frondosa City Employment Agency FCMaid have comprehensive services that can cater to many of your needs through the employment of a domestic helper. The agency is an all in one service which takes care of everything from the hassles of the work permit to the medical screenings. We at the agency also provide professional trainings for all maids regardless of if they are from another agency.


Can I employ a maid from any country ?

No, it is only possible to employ maids that come from the Ministry Of Manpower’s (MOM) list of approved sources for Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs). The countries that you can employ helpers from are: Malaysia, The Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh.


What is a security bond ?

It is a $5000 security deposit to the Work Permit Department within the Ministry Of Manpower (MOM) which will be held until the helper is repatriated. The employer is solely responsible for the repatriation of the domestic helper. However, if the domestic helper is not repatriated by the time their work permit expires, the security deposit is at risk of being lost.


Can I avoid making the security deposit ?

Yes, you may. Dependent on the insurance policy you have various options to not make the deposit, but you may still incur a fine of $5000 if you fail to repatriate the helper for any reason required by the Law of Singapore.


Personal Accident Insurance

Each and every employer is required to purchase personal accident insurance for the maid with a minimum insurance sum of $15,000.


What are the medical checks necessary for the maid ?

Within two weeks of your helper’s arrival to Singapore, they are required to undergo a medical examination by a licensed practitioner within Singapore, to certify that they are fit to carry out their duties. From there, the domestic helper is required to attend six-monthly medical checkups and screenings for VDRL, pregnancy and HIV.


Am I responsible for the medical expenses of the maid ?

Yes, as an employer. You are to bear the full cost of medical care for the helper, which is inclusive of hospitalization. Hence, it is advisable that you purchase insurance coverage for hospitalization expenses for your helper. It may be inclusive in the personal accident insurance coverage, dependent on your chosen options.


How much is the maid levy ?

A Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) levy is $265 at a normal rate and $170 at a concession rate. It is payable every month through the use of GIRO, if the employer fails to maintain payment of the levy, the FDW’s Work Permit will be cancelled. The levy is to be payed within 14 days. Levy charges are payable one day after they touch down in Singapore, but if they are first time FDWs the levy will begin on the 4th day after the helper arrives in Singapore.


Can I claim tax relief for maid levy ?

You can claim tax relief if you:

-Are a married woman and has elected for a separate assessment
-Are married and your spouse is not residing in Singapore
-Are separated or divorced or widowed and living with your unmarried child for whom you can claim child relief

The relief is double the amount of the paid levy for a single (one) maid. It can only be set off against the earned income of the wife. Single taxpayers are not eligible for this relief. You can receive the relief even if it is paid for by your husband.


Maid wants to send money home ?

The domestic helper can send funds home through Western Union which is available at 50 selected post offices within Singapore. It is one of the fastest and most efficient methods of sending money across the globe.


Maid went missing ?

You are to immediately cease her work permit and stop paying the required levy. You are then given a period of 1 month to locate her and repatriate her. If you fail to do so, you are at risk of losing your security deposit.


Maid got pregnant ?

You are to repatriate her immediately.


Why Choose FC Maid Agency Singapore?

We at Frondosa City Employment/Maid Agency Singapore - FC Maid are dedicated to serving our clients through the understanding of each patrons’ needs. From there, we stringently select a domestic worker that it most suited towards the required tasks. Rest assured that each and every domestic helper at FC Maid is up to your standards. They are promptly screened upon their arrival for their strengths and weaknesses, with the focus of our efforts targeted on reinforcing the skills that they are lack of. We have customized training programmes suited to each household respectively. Leave it to us at FC Maid, your problems are ours too. We are here for you, do visit us for a consultation, we will be all ears.

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